You are Not Meant to Endure Cancer Alone

Cancer is hard, but it doesn’t have to be lonely.

CanCare is a mighty community of survivors who lift up and inspire cancer patients and caregivers through one-on-one support, empathy, and hope to ensure no one endures cancer alone. Our 700+ trained volunteers have survived cancer, and they want to help you do the same for yourself – or a loved one! Whether you need encouragement or want to give it, CanCare is the place for you. Support is available over the phone, via text, email and in person – one time or on an ongoing basis.

Founded by Anne Shaw Turnage, a survivor of colon cancer, CanCare has grown into a network of trained volunteers including survivors, caregivers of survivors and medical professionals who provide emotional support and cancer-related resources. Survivors of more than 75 different types of cancer are the heartbeat of the organization, providing hope, friendship and hospital visitations for those facing cancer.

Ways To Get Involved With CanCare:

Support for
Those Who Have or Had Cancer

CanCare matches people currently facing a cancer diagnosis with a cancer survivor to walk alongside you and offer support as you navigate your treatment and the life changes that come with your diagnosis. We also match cancer caregivers and loved ones with support from those that have walked the path of loving and caring for someone with cancer.
Our services include:

  • Support from a survivor
  • Virtual Support Groups
  • Healthcare Partner Visitation
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Volunteer To Share Your Recovery Experience

Cancer patients and caregivers are matched with a volunteer who has survived the same or similar type of cancer to receive one-on-one positive encouragement and hope from someone who understands firsthand what they are going through. Opportunities are also available for volunteers to make hospital visits to cancer patients and their caregivers. Someone needs to hear your voice of hope! Join our community of survivor volunteers and offer support through our One-On-One Support Program or our Healthcare Partner Visitation Program.

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Donate & Show Your Support

Looking for other ways to provide hope to those facing cancer? Help us ensure that no one endures cancer alone by supporting our work in one of the following ways :

    • Honorarium & Memoirum
    • Matching Gifts
    • Event Sponsorships
    • Become a Fundraiser
    • Planned Giving
    • Stock Transfers
    • Kroger Rewards
    • Amazon Smile
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A Survivor by your side

An empowering video of the impact and hope of having a CanCare volunteer survivor by your side.

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