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Brenda Hydrick is our Volunteer in the Spotlight for this spring quarter of CanCare Atlanta. Brenda was a member of Class #74 and is a Stage 2b Breast Cancer Survivor. Brenda has been matched with six young women diagnosed with Breast Cancer ranging in age, many who have children at home.Brenda is a member of Johns Creek Baptist Church. Prior to serving as a CanCare Volunteer, Brenda was a member of the “Sweet Tea” team at JCBC who quarterly offered afternoon tea and treats to members of the community dealing with cancer. A time of solace, Sweet Tea offered those who were in the midst of cancer treatment a time to be encouraged by others in the community who had recently completed treatment as well as their loved ones. Inspirational messages and music completed the afternoon. Knowing that patients were sometimes given their breast cancer diagnosis late in the day or week and needed a survivor to talk with them in that moment, Brenda left her personal contact information with the Breast Center’s Nurse Navigator.

For the past three years, Brenda has served as Hospital Coordinator for Emory Johns Creek CanCare Volunteers, scheduled their hours, provided a listening ear, and kept current with prayer needs for this group of volunteers throughout the pandemic. Brenda has been a part of the Cookie Baking Team for CanCare Atlanta and has delivered tasty cookies to the staff at EJCH to encourage them as they continue to care for cancer patients through the COVID pandemic (see above article). For all that she has done to promote caring for those with cancer, we celebrate Brenda!


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Chet Burdick - Survivor

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Brenda Hydrick

Hospital Volunteer Coordinator

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Breast Cancer Survivor

Volunteers making an impact.

Brenda Riordan, a CanCare volunteer,  is a finance manager at Northside Hospital in Atlanta and she’s also a breast cancer superhero — “Super Brenda.”  When her colleague, Ann Nix, was diagnosed with breast cancer, Brenda didn’t hesitate to guide Ann through her cancer journey. When asked what her favorite superhero was, Brenda replied with Sesame Street’s Grover. On the last day of Ann’s infusion, Brenda put on a Grover costume, complete with a pink cape, which brought a huge smile to Ann and the infusion patients

Brenda has survived two bouts with melanoma, and through CanCare, has been a caregiver to many cancer patients. Thank you, Brenda, for using your kindred experience to bring hope, joy and encouragement to those going through their own journey, and therefore, helping to expedite the healing process.

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