CanCare has partnered with hospitals and treatment centers in the community to provide immediate, in-person volunteer services to patients and their caregivers currently undergoing medical treatment. Volunteers work in conjunction with medical staff to offer emotional support to patients, their families, and their caregivers. CanCare volunteers are available onsite to speak with patients and caregivers about questions and concerns or to simply provide reassurance and hope.


I was very thankful that he took the time to visit patients going through a rough time like myself. It made me feel like there was hope and that if he made it, I could too.”

Ricardo, Acute Myeloid Leukemia Survivor, CanCare Former Client, CanCare Support Volunteer

Medical Facility Volunteer Process

All CanCare medical facility volunteers benefit from our comprehensive training program. They also benefit from orientation and any additional training offered by the hospital or facility in which they choose to volunteer. New volunteers then “shadow” an experienced hospital volunteer until they are comfortable with providing support to patients and caregivers. Such confidence, combined with ongoing support from CanCare helps each volunteer maintain a consistent and rewarding schedule.

Medical Facilities Receiving Our Support

If your hospital or treatment center is interested in developing a CanCare visitation program, please call 713.461.0028 or email [email protected].

Apply to join our mighty community of survivors who lift up and inspire cancer patients and caregivers through our Medical Facility Visitation Program.

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