When cancer treatment comes to an end, it is assumed that patients will go back to “normal”. The consistency of having a cancer care team by your side is now over. You no longer have to visit your team of doctors every week and your loved ones feel confident that you can dive back into the life you had before your diagnosis, and that you no longer need them for support.  Yet, you are left feeling that everything is different, and nothing will ever be the same. For some, not having their support system constantly by their side can make them feel lonely. For others, not being able to perform the tasks they could pre-cancer can be challenging. Post-cancer treatment can change an individual physically, spiritually and emotionally. Facing these feelings and learning how to deal with them is important. Over the years, CanCare has listened to many cancer survivors express the need for post-treatment support. Although their cancer diagnosis is behind them, many of them have spent years trying to overcome what happens after. CanCare is the only interfaith organization in Houston that has a program that addresses the issues that most cancer survivors deal with after treatment by building a comprehensive curriculum that individuals can apply to their daily lives.

The Wellness Redefined program was formed for women who are cancer survivors to gain knowledge on healthy living applications for the mind, body, and soul. The program provides a 2-year curriculum that has been designed to share curated information to address the issues women face in cancer survivorship. Each session, the participants leave with tangible tools, techniques, resources and daily practices to implement in their lives to create the best environment for healing and preventative care. The participants in the program are very diverse in age, ethnicity, lifestyles, and diagnosis and treatment protocols. Yet, they all share one common feeling – the need to drastically improve their lives after cancer.

Application process will re-open at the end of 2019. For more information contact [email protected]


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