COVID-19 Update

Grateful for Our Mighty Community

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank you all for your continued support to CanCare. As we approach CanCare’s 30th anniversary and during this time of uncertainty, I am reminded of how grateful I am to be a part of this courageous community.
Together, we have faced many challenges and continue to lift up and inspire each other through it all. Despite these rapidly changing times, our mission remains the same: to ensure that no one endures cancer alone.
Thank you for continuing to provide hope to our cancer community, who need us now more than ever.
Onward together,
Cristina Vetrano
President and CEO

How CanCare is Continuing To Manage Mental Health Care for Cancer Patients and Caregivers during COVID-19

CanCare is continuing to provide quality and timely emotional support to cancer patients and caregivers. We have added several channels of communication to ensure everyone in need of CanCare’s services are able to access support though our support:
  • CanCare has set up a new phone support line (713-364-1652) and email support system ([email protected]) for any cancer patient or caregiver who needs immediate emotional support. Calls and emails will be answered Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. by cancer survivors who are trained CanCare support volunteers. Our extensive 13-hour training that CanCare requires for all volunteers ensures that our clients receive the best possible care and support. Thank you to all the volunteers who have been our pioneers for the new phone line and email support! We are extending our phone support line service through the end of May. If you would like to volunteer for a morning or evening shift please click HERE to choose a date and time that is available and works with your schedule. If you would like to help with email support please email [email protected].
  • We continue to ensure our health care systems that their patients are receiving the best possible cancer treatment care, while they are on the front lines of this pandemic. CanCare partners with 11 Houston-area medical facilities to provide on-site volunteers who give immediate, quality emotional support to cancer patients and caregivers. Since our volunteer work in the hospital and oncology treatment centers has been suspended, our hospital contacts, nurse navigators, social workers and oncology nurses are using our healthcare referral form to refer patients and caregivers so that we can continue supporting their institutions and the patients they serve. To use our healthcare referral form, please visit
  • CanCare continues to provide one on one matching services to match cancer patients with CanCare volunteers by cancer type, treatment method, life stage, age or gender, and our staff is working match people as quickly as possible. To request one on one support and to be matched with a CanCare volunteer by cancer type, treatment method, life stage, age, or gender, please visit

Stay Connected with Our CanCare Community From Home

Honor A Loved One

Our Candle Lighting Ceremony is the highlight of our luncheon as candles are lit in honor of cancer survivors and caregivers or in memory of those who have courageously faced cancer and are no longer with us. While we are not able to host our luncheon this year due to COVID-19, now more than ever, we would like to remind our cancer community that they are on our minds.

For each $10 tribute donation, CanCare will mail a Candle of Hope acknowledgement card to those being honored or to the appropriate relative or friend. All honorees will also be listed on our luncheon website page. Click HERE to honor a loved one today.

Tech Time Tuesdays

Are you a reluctant techie? Join us on Tuesdays in April at 2 learn about some of the most used forms of technology that can assist you in connecting with your CanCare community during this time.
Tuesday, April 7th– Website- Learn how to navigate the CanCare website and discover the tools that are available for you.
Tuesday, April 14th– Facebook- Connect with our CanCare Facebook page and join our private Facebook Volunteer Group. This is a great way to connect with other CanCare volunteers.
Tuesday, April 21st– Email- Learn tips for connecting with your clients via email.

Coffee, Community and Connection

Grab your cup of coffee and join us for a discussion of self-care strategies and coping skills. Facilitated by Kris Kerlin, Director of Program Services, during this conference call we will focus on what we’re doing to support and nurture our body, mind and spirit during this time of uncertainty.
Our first call will take place on Thursday April 9 at 9 a.m. Call the CanCare conference line to participate: 713-322-5388.

Fun Fridays

Let your imagination play and be inspired by sharing the fun and creative ways that people are using this time. This will be a zoom meeting so we can share some fun projects, games, experiences.

Prayer Team

Throughout the month of April, CanCare will be hosting a special zoom meeting to pray over concerns and celebrate praise reports.
As an interfaith organization, we invite you to please submit any prayer requests to [email protected]. Please email us if you are interested in joining our prayer team.

Distance Learning

CanCare volunteers have the opportunity to take online courses that are designed for their continued education. These online courses will provide them with additional tools to provide emotional support to these in need. For more information, contact [email protected]

Make A Long-lasting Impact

If you are able to, please consider a gift to CanCare to help sustain us through these tough times as we continue to ensure that no one endures cancer alone.
Thank you for your support during this time.
As always, please remember that CanCare is here by your side.


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