provide immediate, in-person services

Our volunteers regularly visit cancer patients in area hospitals and treatment centers to provide immediate, in-person services to patients and their caregivers currently undergoing medical treatment. Volunteers work in conjunction with medical staff to offer emotional support to patients, their families, and their caregivers.


“Ruth, a long-time CanCare Volunteer, was the first person I spoke with, even before the doctor. She sat with me listened to me cry and held my hand. She then shared with me that she overcame cancer –twice,” said Jennifer. Immediately, Jennifer’s outlook shifted. “Simply being in the presence of someone who had survived the disease I was facing calmed my anxiety. I was in a new mindset about my cancer diagnosis. It was pretty powerful.”

– Jennifer, Breast Cancer Survivor, CanCare Former Client, CanCare Support Volunteer


If your hospital or treatment center is interested in developing a CanCare visitation program, please call 713.461.0028 or email  [email protected].

Hospitals Receiving CanCare Hospital Visitation Support

“CanCare volunteers really care about the people they are supporting. Hospitals can do the physical healing, but you also need emotional and spiritual healing, and this is where CanCare comes in. I encourage cancer patients to seek support and know that they are not alone.”
– Sue Chiang, Houston Methodist Sugarland Hospital, Vice Chairman Board of Trustees

Refer your patient to CanCare’s One-On-One Support Program

If you are interested in connecting your client with a cancer survivor or caregiver to receive one-on-one, general emotional support by phone or email, please complete this form.


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