CanCare’s Annual Cancer Survivor’s Day Luncheon- Update

Due to COVID-19, CanCare has decided to cancel our 30th Anniversary Cancer Survivors Day Luncheon scheduled for April 23, 2020. As you can imagine, this is not an easy decision, but we know it is the right thing to do our part to protect the community and prevent the further spread of the Coronavirus. We appreciate the amazing leadership of our luncheon chairs, Donna & Norman Lewis and were thrilled to honor Shelaghmichael Brown for her dedicated and amazing support to CanCare. We look forward to a time in the future where we can gather and recognize them for their commitment.

While we were unable to host our annual Candle Lighting Ceremony at our Annual Cancer Survivors Day Luncheon, we would still love to gather with you to celebrate this incredible CanCare tradition in honor of National Cancer Survivors Day.
We will be hosting a Virtual Candle Lighting Ceremony on Sunday, June 7th at 5 p.m. (CT), where we will light candles in honor of cancer survivors and caregivers or in memory of those who have courageously faced cancer and are no longer with us.
All Candle Card honorees will be formally read aloud during this special ceremony. Acknowledgement Candle Cards will also be sent to those being honored or to the appropriate relative or friend, and will be listed on our website. For names to be read aloud during the ceremony, please purchase Candle Cards by Monday, June 1. If you have previously purchased a Candle Card this year, honoree names will be included.

2020 Survivors Day Luncheon Sponsors

Candle Lighting Ceremony


Bonnie & David Weekley

Igniting Hope Sponsor

Houston Methodist

Guiding Light Sponsor

Donna & Norman Lewis

Sparking Strength Sponsors

Bank of Texas

Barbara & Peter Forbes

Bryant Bridge of Hope Foundation


MD Anderson Cancer Center


Pat Hogan-Korge & Fred Korge

Shelaghmichael Brown

The Titus Harris Family

Westwood Wealth Management

Shining Faith Sponsors

Allegiance Bank

Amegy Bank

Baty Worldwide

Bernard M. Fields Management Corp

Beverly & Leonard Donaldson

Cathy Nunnally & Lex Gillan

Cindy & Bob Holloway

Congregation Beth Yeshurun/ Rabbi Brian Strauss/
Rabbi Steven Morgen/ Leah & Paul Katz

Cristina & Steve Vetrano

Elizabeth & Cullen Kappler

Friends of CanCare

George A. Kurisky, Jr.,/Johnson
DeLuca Kurisky & Gould, PC

Hunton Andrews Kurth

Isabel & Rich Chandler

Jeri & Marc Shapiro

Leslie & Val Brock Family

Liz Frederick

Megan Vondra

Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church

Memorial Hermann

Nancy & Tommy Tucker

Nancy Wilfong

Stuart PC

Susan & Jim Boone

The Buckingham


Tracy & Phil Jones


White & Case, LLP

Yvonne & Tim Conklin

Radiating Inspiration Sponsors

Ann Lents

Christine Smith Andrews

Ellen Koplin Toranzo

First Presbyterian Church

James Shaddix

Michael Fife & Dr. Creighton Edwards

Susan & William Wescott

Luncheon Supporters

Carol & Larry Barbour

K& E Fund, Inc.

Louise and Steve Sweet

Susan Leopold

Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church

2020 Survivors Day Luncheon Host Committee

Whitney & Eugene Brieck

Leslie & Val Brock

Shelaghmichael Brown

Cynthia & Joe Bryant

Rosie Carrabba

Yvonne & Tim Conklin

Jennifer & Jack Doherty

Beverly & Leonard Donaldson

Michael Fife & Dr. Creighton Edwards

Elizabeth & John Elder

Margaret Goldberg & Bernie Fields

Barbara & Peter Forbes

Michael Grossman

Kirsten Gustafson & Taylor Landry

Sylvia & Titus H. Harris, III.

Keri Henry

Brandie & Mark Holmes

Tracy & Phil Jones

Elizabeth & Cullen Kappler

Pat Hogan-Korge

Kay & George A. Kurisky, Jr.

Rick Q. Ngo, MD, FACS

Wendy Nguyen, CPA

Emily Prus

Jennifer & Lloyd Rachal

Renee Renfroe

Juanita & Joseph Soliz

Christine & Larry Stuart

Ellen Toranzo

Kim Trimble

Nancy & Tommy Tucker

Cristina & Steve Vetrano

Megan Vondra

Bonnie & David Weekley

Michael Wiesenthal

Nancy Wilfong

Candle of Hope Cards

$10 per card

Our Candle Lighting Ceremony is the highlight of our luncheon as candles are lit in honor of cancer survivors and caregivers or in memory of those who have courageously faced cancer and are no longer with us. While we are not able to host the luncheon this year due to COVID-19, now more than ever, we would like to remind our cancer community that they are on our minds. For each $10 tribute donation, CanCare will mail a Candle of Hope acknowledgement card to those being honored or to the appropriate relative or friend. All honorees will also be listed on our luncheon website page.

Thank you for your incredible support.

2020 Virtual Candle Lighting Ceremony Honorees

Dorothy & Ed Abbott

   Alicia Alford

Joe B. Allen III

Mary Anne

Candy Arentz

John Arentz

Les Ary

Susan Ary

Barbara Augelli

Muriel Austgen

Nick Bailey

Nouhad Bassilla

  Nicole Benoit

Andy Bittson

Dwayne Bourque

Sam Bradshaw

  Dresha Brady

Beverly & Warren Bright

John Brock

Claire and Roland Brodeur

Nancy Buchanan

John Buchanan

Gayle Burns

Dr. Bev &  Dr. Jay BustonGayle Burns

Lyndell Byford

Luis Camacho

Bruce Carter

Ron Cerreta

Bette Chenault

David Chenault

Debbie Chermak

Kaye Chester

Rev. Patricia Clark

Jim Combs

Amy Covey

Nancy Crawford

MG Robert Crosser

Judy Cutting

David K. Davies

Muriel G. Davies

Renee Denver

John Dee Dillon

      Ernest Dunaway

Debbie Dye

LTC Thomas Dye

Linda Eckert

Kathy Ellis

Gary Emondson

Raymond Espinosa

Miguel Espinosa

Cindy White Erickson (Boomer)

Dorothy Fanninghonor

Ritchey Faulk

       Grandma Fawziya

Minou Feinstein

Bernie Fields

  Lisa Fiore

Rev. Dr. Nora Fitch

Lawrence Flanagan

Anita Flores

Al and Marcy Flournoy

Lynn Fortier

Emily Garnett

Richard Gasper

Tom Geggatt

Margaret A. Gilbertson

Rev. Dr. Jim Gill

Charles Glover

Paul Goehrs

Ken Gordon

Linda & Gene Graziano

Randy Green

Geoffrey Greene

Andy Grepares

Rochelle Griffin

Rose Griffith

Theresa Groda

  Darrel Hamilton

Holly Harper

    Ron Harrell

Carol Harris

Titus Harris, III.

Jimmy Hasdle

Bill Helms

Katherine Jones Henderson

Peter Henshaw

    Leara Higginbotham

Patrica Hogan-Korge

Connie Hollowell

Thomas Hollowell

Audrey Hudiburgh

Eleonore Hudson

Kelly Hudson

Edith Huerta

Dorothy Huff

Howard “Buck” Huff

Becki Hughes

     Cyndi Hunley

Cindy & Buz Jochetz

Rich and John Jochetz

  Tari Johnson McGriff

Rev. Winfield “Casey” Jones

Sara Jurney

Carol Kafka

     Joyce Kanocz

  Alex Kanocz

Leah Katz

Richard Kerlin

Ron Kerlin

Dr. Gary Kielhofner

Michael Kitsch

   Evelyn Kolar

  Papa Kolpin

Betty Kronberger

Neal Kuhlhorst

Eric Kuhn

Kaye Kramer

Marcy Kurtz

David Lamb

Lynne Larson

David Larson

Larry Latimer

Lisa Lavoie

Dawn Law

Lauren Layton

Chris Lazo

Susan Lemaster

Donna Lewis

Margarita Lillard

Kimba Livesay

Carson Llewelyn

Fredie Lopez

Olga Lovera

Maria Lozano

Karen Luetjen

Betty Ho Mahon

Marcus Mancuso

Chuck and Lora Martinez

Diane Mattly

Irene McAfee

Darlene McAlexander

Teresa McCloskey

Anne & Joe McCluan

Bobby McCollum

Betty McCullough

Steve McKenzie

Dr. Judith & Dr. Wayne Meeks

Jane and Dr. Ken Meeks

Adam Metry

Myrna Miller

Christopher Mills

Lin Mills

Karen Morgan

Scott Murray

Kathy Napolintano

Elvira Navarro

John Nuernberger

Bob Nunnally

Patti Osburn

COL Ron Paré

Margie Rose Parker

Nancy Parker

Jana Perez

  Jennie Perry

Pete Petersen

Mark Petersen

Vince Peyton

Karen Phillips

Rita Pixey

Rev. Dean Pogue

Doris Praino Thomas

Jennifer Rachal

Randy Ransleben

Lois Richterkessing

Fred Richterkessing

Jeff Rodrigues

Kay Royal

Dena Ruffin

Ricky Ruffin

Kathy Rugh

Mindi Sanders

Margaret Sankey

Marion Schepps

Jackie J. Schnoover

Peggy & Dr. Don Shriver

Joanne Silva

Melvin Smalls

Justin Smith

Juanita Soliz

Paul Sorensen

Kathy Stewart

Henry “Hank” Strobl

Joseph L. Strobl

Margaret Strobl

Larry Stuart

Roslin Sweat

George Sweet

Diane Tallo

Rev. Sam Todd

Ron Todd

Wanda Todd

Nancy Tucker

Anne Shaw Turnage

Dr. Lynn Turnage

 Anne Turner

Jill Vaughan

Isabel Vasquez

Esther Vazquez

Sonya Villamagna

Theresa Villareal

Jim Wallace

John Wardell

Ralph Weaver

Mary Carol Weight Hawks

Dr. Libby Whiteley

Ms. Alice Anne Whitten

Michael Wiesenthal

Roman Williams

Sandy Williams

Grandma and Grandpa Wint

Mary Woodlan

Mary Helen Worm

Steven Wright

David Wright

Melinda Young

Hillary Zapata

Methodist Hospital Volunteer Medical Center

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