Our CanCare Headquarters in Houston, TX

CanCare was founded in Houston, TX by Anne Shaw Turnage in 1990. Anne is a Colon Cancer survivor who wanted to ensure that those facing cancer have a survivor by their side. Since then we have grown to support cancer patients and caregivers across the nation. We now have CanCare teams in Atlanta, Charleston, and Colorado Springs (add links to those pages). No matter where you are located, CanCare will connect you with a survivor or caregiver volunteer.

Chances are that we all know someone who has experienced cancer or we have been personally affected by cancer. Cancer and cancer treatment impacts each member of a family. From our CanCare headquarters in Houston, TX, we offer support to all who have or have had cancer, so you don’t ever have to feel like you are going through it alone!

Would you like to speak to someone who has experienced your cancer type or treatment or has been through a similar experience? Or are you caring for a loved one with cancer and would like to speak to someone who has also been a caregiver for someone with cancer?

Complete the request form using the button below. Our amazing matching team of Anthony and Daniella will connect you with a survivor volunteer.

Have you completed cancer treatment and feel ready to support someone who is currently facing cancer? Click the button below to learn more about becoming a CanCare survivor volunteer.

We have a great need to support cancer caregivers. If you have cared for a loved one throughout their cancer treatment, your experience could provide hope to a current cancer caregiver. Click the button below to learn more about becoming a CanCare caregiver volunteer.


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