Champions of Hope

“Although I had an amazing family and support system to lean on, there was a very important piece missing. I didn’t have anyone who had walked in my shoes, who I could call to give me that encouragement I needed to support me through my treatments and cancer journey.  I didn’t have CanCare.  I didn’t learn about CanCare until years later, and from that moment forward my mission was to ensure that someone diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma would have a survivor by their side. They wouldn’t have to endure it alone. “

-Megan, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Survivor, CanCare Board Member, Champion of Hope

Now more than ever, cancer patients and caregivers rely on CanCare to ensure they are not alone.

Like many organizations in the current environment, CanCare is facing challenges to its traditional fundraising efforts that were often event-based, but cancer does not stop in the face of a pandemic, and neither do we! Our Champions of Hope are those who have joined us in celebrating three decades of hope by helping us raise much needed funds for CanCare by starting their own personal fundraising campaign.



Thank you to our Champions of Hope for ensuring that those facing a cancer diagnosis have a survivor by their side.


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