Anne Shaw Turnage, a survivor of colon cancer with liver metastasis since 1973, founded the organization in 1990 and envisioned a cancer support network that changed lives by training cancer survivors and caregivers to work one-on-one with newly diagnosed cancer patients and their caregivers. Through collaborations with multiple congregations and the help of the Houston community, CanCare was created.  Twenty-nine years later, CanCare stands strong with Anne’s support by their side. The Anne Turnage Giving Society has been formed to support CanCare’s three primary program services to the cancer community:  (1) one-on-one, long-term emotional support for cancer patients and their caregivers; (2) visitation to cancer patients and caregivers in partner hospitals, clinics and treatment centers, (3) post-cancer survivorship program for cancer survivors to establish and achieve self-determined goals related to their health and wellness after cancer treatment.


The Anne Turnage Giving Society is looking for 25 founders to launch this unique society. Giving Society members will have yearly access to exclusive health and wellness workshops and presentations, and will attend a yearly Luncheon that will highlight the successes of CanCare. Members make personal gifts of $1,000 or more annually, which can be paid in one lump sum by January 31st or in monthly installments with the last payment due on December 31st.

2019 Giving Society Members Workshop Topics
How to Manage Stress and Anxiety
Healthy Eating and Disease Prevention
How to Shop for Clean Beauty
Benefits and Science of Acupuncture

To learn more about the Anne Turnage Giving Society, please contact Valerie at [email protected].

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