Mindy is just one of thousands to experience the great power in a connection. Even though Mindy lives in New York, she considers her Cancare volunteer mentor, Mary, among her best friends, because Mary navigated the same cancer journey years earlier and now serves as her CanCare volunteer. The Volunteer/Client Services Coordinator at CanCare acts as a “matchmaker” for patients and survivors. Since CanCare volunteers understand what others are going through, there is typically an instant and life-changing connection.

Story after story follow this pattern as survivors finish their last treatment and sign on about six months later as volunteers wanting to pay it forward to others who come behind.

To become a volunteer, cancer survivors or their caregivers can submit this form to enroll and learn how to obtain specialized training to become a volunteer. Survivors seeking to volunteer may find this Caregiver Q&A helpful and patients seeking an encouragement may find insight about the process via this Patient Q&A.

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When I think of CanCare, I think of compassion in action. The healing process involves relying on medical, emotional and spiritual help. Through its network of trained volunteers, survivors and supporters CanCare offers cancer patients and caregivers the empowerment needed to beat cancer. CanCare does an incredible job of empowering Cancer patients to win their fight and live.

– Dwight Keys