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Thyroid cancer survivor

Regina Drake

I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 1998. Upon hearing the words, “I’m sorry to inform you that you have Papillary Carcinoma,” I cried and asked the Lord to help me through this challenge. Whatever the outcome, I’d had a great life – wonderful parents, good job, great house, traveled extensively, terrific friends – a charmed life with no regrets! I entered the hospital with optimism and knew that my doctor’s hands and mind would be led by our Lord and I would be protected. My prayers were answered, and while I had a difficult recovery because the malignancy was so pervasive and other concerns surfaced, I’m doing extremely well and feel wonderful.

I heard about CanCare last year while at a luncheon. After sharing my story with someone at the table, she told me about her friend who worked at CanCare and thought I would probably like the organization. I knew it was a good fit for me, because I have a story to tell others who may feel they are alone in their journey. I am currently supporting someone and helping him to understand some of the things he has encountered. While the challenges of cancer continue for him, he has a new friend in me who can identify with his journey and offer encouragement.

I believe Hope is one of the many gifts God gives to each of us!

CanCare has been serving people with cancer since 1990.  All services are confidential and free of charge.  To talk to someone surviving your diagnosis, click here.