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Want to avoid isolation and find your way back to a life without cancer? In times of crisis most people are better together than on their own. CanCare applies this simple truth on a daily basis by providing cancer survivors to encourage those anxiously embarking on a medical journey they did not choose to take. Want someone to pray with you? Regardless of your specific cancer, phase of life or religious affiliation, we know your experience with CanCare can be life changing.

Get Emotional Support

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Nurse Navigators, Social Workers, Healthcare Professionals, etc.: please contact our office at 713-461-0028 and speak with one of our Volunteer and Client Services Coordinators to refer your patients instead of using this form. Thank you.

Houston Rockets Power Dancer diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma at age 21 shares her story, admitting, “I’m not the face of cancer.”

CanCare matches patients with survivors – often sharing the same age, profession or family structure — who have experienced a similar/same diagnosis and treatment plan. Their stories and enthusiasm for life are contagious.

Due to the personal nature of our services, please only fill out the information on behalf of someone if they ask you. Specific details will help us find the perfect match.

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