About Self-Care Program 
The Self-care program offers a unique support system for women who are cancer survivors and at least 30 days out of treatment. The Self-care program recipients gain access to critical tools and resources to help manage a healthy lifestyle after cancer. Such, thoughtful consideration and effort will be put into creating a diverse atmosphere conducive for recipients to successfully learn, share, and connect with other recipients, ultimately gaining lasting friendships and healthy-living applications. View brochure.

Self-Care Program Benefits
• Self-care book
• Knowledge on holistic healthy living applications for the mind, body and soul
• Tools and resources to help establish a healthy lifestyle to help prevent cancer from recurring
• Connect with other women who are cancer survivors
• Access to renowned nutritionists, fitness instructors, yogis, meditation specialists, massage therapists, micronutrient analysis  specialists and more!

Self-Care Program Eligibility Requirements 
• A woman who is a cancer survivor
• 30 days out of treatment
• Ability to commit to the program
• Attend monthly meetings/engagement sessions in the spring and fall

Self-Care Program Application Process 
A selection committee will review applications and select 10 women to be sponsored for each year. The initial program session will take place in January. Selected recipients must commit to completing the program in its entirety to reap the maximum benefit.

To learn more about the Self-Care program, please contact Jacquelyn Carrier at 713.461.0801 or jacquelync@cancare.org.