Common Questions




My treatment has ended. Why am I struggling now?

There is often a time of adjustment after treatment; this is common among cancer survivors. CanCare volunteers offer support to survivors even up to one year after treatment is completed. Please call our office or submit a request online to be connected with a volunteer.



Question: How can I support my friend who has been diagnosed with cancer?

Ten Tips



Question: What kind of foods should I eat/avoid?

It is a good idea to request a referral for an oncology nutritionist from your oncologist.
The American Institute for Cancer Research and the Livestrong Foundation have published a guide that may be helpful. You can find it at



Question: What questions should I ask my doctor?

The American Cancer Society offers helpful worksheets to take with you to your appointment:



Question: My doctor has given me two different treatment options. How do I choose?

ACS has cancer treatment decision tools and resources to help:



Question: What do I do if I need transportation to my treatments, help cleaning my house, or I need a wig/prosthesis/ostomy supplies/etc.?

See Resource Guide, pages 11 for prosthetics, etc. and 12 for transportation



Question: What happens if I’ve lost my job because I have been diagnosed with cancer?

You may find helpful information here:

Question:Can I get compensation when caring for a parent?

You may find helpful information here:


Question: Is there free counseling available?

You may want to contact any of the following organizations for counseling supports:
ACS at
CancerCare at
National Alliance for Mental Health at
These services are also often offered by local congregations and hospitals.



Question: Where can I find a support group?

The American Cancer Society has information on cancer support groups all over the nation.
You can contact them at 800-227-2345.



Question: Where can I get advice regarding care for an ostomy?

United Ostomy Associations of America,



Question: How do I choose an oncologist?

You may want to consider speaking with other cancer survivors at a support group meeting.
ACS has a worksheet called How to Choose a Doctor that may be useful during this process.
You can also go to



Question: Do you have information regarding housing for patients who are receiving treatment away from home?

For those receiving treatment in the Houston area.
For those receiving treatment in the Atlanta area.



Question: Do you have information regarding clinical trials?

Information on bladder cancer trials click here.
Information on kidney cancer trials click here.
Information on prostate cancer trials click here.

Cancer Support Resources

How will I pay my bills while I go through treatment?


Financial Aid Organizations

American Cancer Society


800-813-HOPE (4673)


CancerCare Copayment Assistance Foundation


Cancer Financial Assistance Coalition

HealthWell Foundation


Livestrong Foundation


Net Wish


Patient Services, Inc.


Social Security Administration


Prostate Cancer Foundation




Breast Cancer Freebies


Susan G. Komen for the Cure
877 GO KOMEN (1-877-465-6636)


Leukemia and Lymphoma Society


Lymphoma Research Foundation
email at


Cancer Recovery Foundation Women’s Cancer Fund or by mail: P. O. Box 1, Hershey, PA 17033

Prescription Assistance

Chronic Disease Fund


Patient Access Network Foundation


RXAssist, Patient Assistant Program Center


Partnership for Prescription Assistance