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Kidney cancer survivor

Bill Davis

Bill Davis will tell you that his attitude is like his blood type: B positive. Maybe that’s why after being robbed and shot in the abdomen, Bill isn’t bitter or angry. He actually thanks God for his good fortune. One night, when Bill was locking up his office, a robber forced him back into the office and demanded all of his money. When the alarm sounded, and Bill refused to turn it off, the man shot him in the abdomen and ran out the door.

At the hospital, nurses didn’t realize the bullet had exited his body, and while searching for it, a spot was discovered on his kidney that turned out to be a malignant tumor. Although the tumor was 3 ½ inches in diameter, it was completely encapsulated in the kidney sack and never metastasized.

“I have to be here for another reason,” says Bill, “there were just too many different things that all occurred in my favor… it’s uncanny to see how things unfolded.” He likens his experience to an old Hebrew term, “b’sherit” which is roughly translated, “it was meant to be.” Bill believes that everything happens for a reason, including his brush with the gunman, the belt he was wearing that hid the exit wound of the bullet, the cancer diagnosis and his new outlook on life after cancer.

Bill became a CanCare volunteer in February 2007 and says he is living a fuller life by giving back to others. “People need comfort, to know things are okay and that they can have hope. You have to have a great attitude. You’ve got to look forward to things.”

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