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Granulosa Cell Tumor Ovarian Cancer survivor 

Sarah Beth L.

Meet Sarah Beth L., an Aggie girl through and through who loves the outdoors, warmth of the sun kissing her skin, her adorable kitties, and traveling the world. In 2009, just as Sarah Beth was putting the finishing touches on her husband Ernie’s U.S. Naval retirement party, she received the devastating news that she had a rare type of ovarian cancer called granulosa cell tumor. “I did not have time for cancer,” said Sarah Beth who keeps busy as a nonprofit health center director and devoted wife. “I was not going to let cancer stop me from living and planning this special occasion for my husband.”

Sarah Beth later underwent surgery and 11 rounds of chemotherapy. Her fight has continued with multiple recurrences and just about one surgery a year to remove cancerous tumors. Sarah Beth is currently undergoing four more rounds of chemotherapy, but has never lost her fun-loving spirit and contagious smile.

“I smile and keep going because what else can you do,” said Sarah Beth.

Sarah Beth has had an amazing support system through her family, colleagues, and friends, like Janicca Lee, who is also an ovarian cancer survivor, CanCare staff member, and volunteer.

“Janicca has experienced a very similar diagnosis, underwent the exact same treatment plan as I am currently going through, and is my same age,” said Sarah Beth.  “She has given me HOPE that I too, can fight this battle, and win!”

CanCare fulfills a critical need in the cancer community and exists to improve the quality of life for cancer patients and their families through one-on-one support, hospital visitation, information, and resources. With over 700 trained volunteer survivors who represent more than 75 different types of cancer, CanCare is able to closely match patients with survivors who have experienced a very similar or the same diagnosis and treatment plan and often can match according to age, profession, and family structure.