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Colon cancer survivor

Bill Hall

Bill was diagnosed with colon cancer on his birthday in 2001. Less than two weeks later, he underwent surgery and then started chemotherapy with seven sessions until he had a toxic reaction. It was after his own cancer experience that Bill read about CanCare in his church newsletter and decided that he wanted to get involved and “make sure that no one deals with cancer alone.”

Bill explains, “I never thought I might die. My faith enabled me to continue to live through my cancer experience. I had so much to live for that I had to be a survivor.” Bill received a tremendous amount of support from his family, friends, Sunday school class, members of his church and his surgeon who gave him Hope from the very beginning. He wanted to give back to others dealing with cancer. He joined the CanCare Board of Directors in 2006 and also served as the former President of the Board of Representatives and Chairman of the Volunteer Programs Committee.

“My service to CanCare is a statement to all who know me that my cancer experience was not the end but a new approach to life with new experiences, new friends and new opportunities. The interaction and sharing with other board members, other volunteers, other survivors and the staff has not only been informative for me but very meaningful. What a great group with a common goal. HOPE! ”

CanCare has been serving people with cancer since 1990.  All services are confidential and free of charge.  To talk to someone surviving your diagnosis, click here.