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Colon/breast cancer survivor

Lee Ann Elvig

Lee Ann Elvig is living proof that life after cancer can be fabulous. Lee Ann, registered nurse, attorney, two-time cancer survivor and CanCare volunteer, earned the “Fabulous and 50″ award in a nationwide search on Dr. Phil McGraw’s show this fall. She was also named a “Hero of Hope” in CanCare’s 2006 annual report. Lee Ann is the model of a woman, balancing her life with a successful career, positive outlook and great courage.

Lee Ann became involved with CanCare in 1996 after learning of her own breast and colon cancer diagnoses. At age 39, she says, “I didn’t know how to act with cancer.” Lee Ann reflects, “I was lucky enough to be matched with two CanCare volunteers who had such grace, humor and Hope… I thought if that’s how you do cancer, I can do that!”

As an active CanCare volunteer for over a decade, Lee Ann has supported over 40 women dealing with a diagnosis of breast cancer. She delivers a courageous message of Hope that profoundly affects the lives of others. Her compassion for women with breast cancer fuels her forward. She recently graduated from the University of Houston Clearlake with a Masters in Clinical Psychology to better serve others battling a similar diagnosis.

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