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Sherea Cary

Initially, I was afraid when my father was first diagnosed with cancer. I realized I could not remain afraid, and decided to educate myself to be an effective advocate and caregiver for my father. I found CanCare on the internet while looking for organizations that assisted caregivers. CanCare allows me to encourage caregivers and be a small light in a time of darkness.

As a CanCare volunteer, I have the pleasure of representing the organization in the community and informing survivors and caregivers of the great resources and services offered by CanCare. I am also honored to participate in training new volunteers by serving on the doctor patient relations panel.

While my father was being treated for cancer, I developed a resource tool that helped me keep my life going and be an effective advocate for my father. CanCare gives me the opportunity to share my experience and be an example of why you must have hope.

CanCare has been serving people with cancer since 1990.  All services are confidential and free of charge.  To talk to someone surviving your diagnosis, click here.