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Breast cancer survivor

Tracy Case

My first diagnosis of breast cancer came when I was 31 years old. I had surgery and thought it was behind me – I was a new mom and had other things to occupy my time. Two years later, I was shocked, numbed and scared in November of 2003 when the doctor told me I had Stage IV breast cancer which metastasized to my bones, liver and brain. When I returned home from his office, I took charge and made a plan to fight the disease. I had just had my second baby, and I stuck to that plan and thank God there is currently no evidence of the disease.

When I was first diagnosed, I needed so much help from others that I felt needy and guilty. CanCare enabled me to help those in need and give back what others gave me. Being a volunteer has been life changing. The image of me burdening those around me has been erased. I am able to see good come from this whole experience and I am doing something positive with this horrible disease. Many of my referrals end up giving me as much hope as I give them. They are all so strong!

I celebrate that every day something new is being developed that could extend my life and one day, make cancer non-existent. My hope is that my children and grandchildren will never have to fight this disease.

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