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Bladder cancer survivor

Beth Black

In 1995, I was preparing for the graduation of our son from high school, my mother was becoming ill for the first time in her 84 years old, and our daughter was about to join the high school dance team that required lots of parent participation.

I had been having symptoms for about 2 years that required a urologist, so being blessed with good doctors here in Houston, I made an appointment to see my doctor, only to learn those dreaded words, “You have a tumor in your bladder.” My mother said she had never even had a bladder infection and I had no family history of cancer. I had five surgeries over the period of 15 years, with the tumor recurring every three years. How predictable is that!

CanCare was always on my “must do list” as I have know the past president, Nancy Tucker, for years. Finally, I became a trained CanCare volunteer and it is such a gift. It is the experience of a lifetime, getting to share stories with each other and prepare to help others who have been in our same situation, always giving hope. With care and concern from the medical community and the love of good friends, I have grown more in my life and try to enjoy every day to the fullest. Mine is a story of hope.

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