Atlanta Chapter

CanCare is a welcoming community of hope for cancer patients and their families on the pilgrimage of survivorship; partnering together through emotional support to celebrate the successes and navigate the challenges on the path to healing and wholeness.

– Neal Kuhlhorst

Volunteers making an impact.

Brenda Riordan, a CanCare volunteer,  is a finance manager at Northside Hospital in Atlanta and she’s also a breast cancer superhero — “Super Brenda.”  When her colleague, Ann Nix, was diagnosed with breast cancer, Brenda didn’t hesitate to guide Ann through her cancer journey. When asked what her favorite superhero was, Brenda replied with Sesame Street’s Grover. On the last day of Ann’s infusion, Brenda put on a Grover costume, complete with a pink cape, which brought a huge smile to Ann and the infusion patients.

Brenda has survived two bouts with melanoma, and through CanCare, has been a caregiver to many cancer patients. Thank you, Brenda, for using your kindred experience to bring hope, joy and encouragement to those going through their own journey, and therefore, helping to expedite the healing process.



Leadership Team

Chet Burdick- Survivor

Jenny Ridnour

Kay Royal

Marilyn Burdick

Neal Kuhlhorst

Peg Titus-Hall

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