People of all walks of life create the strong backbone that keeps CanCare thriving and growing year after year, particularly the business professionals and generous philanthropic individuals on the CanCare Board of Directors, Board of Representatives and Medical Advisory Board. Additionally, the members of the Friends of CanCare and its Board of Directors bring expertise, energy and enthusiasm by special event planning that raises funds and awareness for this critical service of improving the quality of life for cancer patients and their families.

When the shock of a devastating diagnosis turns into a medical plan of action, CanCare leaders are providing an action plan for emotions that will carry the vision forward. In 2007, CanCare’s Board took steps to ensure the organization’s long-term survival and growth by creating A Legacy of Hope Endowment in honor of Michael E. Hanson. This endowment is funded through gifts that are separate from traditional funding so that the principal can help fund the vision for decades to come.

CanCare Board of Directors

Shelaghmichael C. Brown, Chair
Dawn Scheirer, Treasurer
William W. Hall, Jr., Lifetime Director
Patricia Hogan-Korge, M.A., Lifetime Director
F. Max Schuette, Lifetime Director
Tim D. Conklin
Jennifer Doherty
Bernard M. Fields
Titus H. Harris III
Cullen Kappler
Dwight Keys
Taylor Landry
Roderick A. Larson
John D. Miner
John C. Pavlas
Kristen Schlatre
Laurence E. Stuart
Megan Vondra
Jeffrey A. Zinn

Friends of CanCare Board of Directors

Jennifer Doherty, Chair
Jason Cain
Jack Doherty
Will Florence
Jordan Gist
Alma Gomez
NIck Gomez
Katie Green
Michael Grossman
Sonya Hamilton
Jackie Hogan
Pat Hogan-Korge
Dwight Keys
Michael Kirgan
George Kurisky
Chad Lyons
Sergio Marazita
Nan McCreary
Kyle Mills
Brooke Monteith
Matt Neal
Kate O’Connor
Stephanie Pribble
Laura Prus
Megan Rosenbaum

CanCare Liaison
Gaby Solis

CanCare Foundation
Board of Trustees

Shelaghmichael C. Brown
Titus H. Harris III
Dawn Scheirer

CanCare Medical Advisory Board

Garth A. Beinart, M.D., F.A.C.P.
E. Brian Butler, M.D.
Luis H. Camacho, M.D., M.P.H.
Luis T. Campos, M.D.
Jorge G. Darcourt, M.D.
Mauro Ferrari, Ph.D.
Bonnie S. Glisson, M.D.
Daniel E. Lehane, M.D.
Janet E. Macheledt, M.D., M.S., M.P.H.
Rick Q. Ngo, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Lois M. Ramondetta, M.D.
Manoj A. Reddy, M.D.
Stephen Szabo, M.D.
Michael D. Westmoreland, Pharm.D., BCOP

CanCare Board of Representatives

John C. Pavlas, Chair
Darlene Alexander
Marcia Barham
Gloria Barnes
Philip David Belanger
Rachel G. Birney
Marty R. Buck
Bitsy Cleveland
Mary Cooley
Florida Cornelius-Cooper
Reverend James Currie
Charlotte D. Daigle
Ruth M. Davies
Nancy D. Devlin
Charlie Echols
Rabbi Gideon Estes
Donna Q. Fong
Connie Marie Fowler
Frances S. Franklin
Dianne Gautier Anderson
Jill Gentsch
Arlyne Gimble
Rabbi Dan M. Gordon
Carol J. Greene
Cindy Grillo
Paula I. Hawkins
Debbie Heckeroth
Bob Hill
Donna R. Hirst
Trixie Jobe
David Johnson
Elizabeth Kabat
Leah Katz


Susan Kramer
Cindi D. Kuykendall
Gary P. Lamb
Larry Latimer
Sheila Maio
Jim Mayer
Karen McKibbon
Brandi Monteverde
Nancy B. Morgan
The Rev. Mr. David L. Northcutt
John W. Overton
Michael L. Parker
Elizabeth B. Patterson
Sharlene Pruitt
Emily Prus
Louise F. Renfro
Sherry C. Ritcheson
Virginia Rogers
Betsy Schauer
Roger Schuelke
Russell K. Schulze II
The Rev. Mrs. Lillie Seals
Joann Seuser
Eleanor H. Sommer
Herbert Sommer
Reverend June Stoker
Cyndy Thompson
Roxi Tyler
Thomas S. Weimer
Lois White
Michael I. Wiesenthal
Hope Wilmarth
Samuel Windham
Stephanie A. Zerger

As of January 1, 2017