Hope is the compass that guides when our life goes off course.
Hope is the anchor that holds when our health is drifting away.
Hope is the medicine that heals when our body is diseased.
Hope is the power that strengthens when our muscles become weak.
Hope is the comfort that soothes when pain invades our body.
Hope is the joy that delights when our heart is full of sadness.
Hope is the smile that flashes when we are about to cry.
Hope is the love that binds when we receive a hug.
Hope is the friend that answers when cancer knocks on the door.

Larry Latimer 2009
Tongue Cancer Survivor and CanCare Volunteer



Inspiration is priceless

When you choose CanCare, you choose HOPE that comes from survivors sharing from their own experiences—providing cost-free one-on-one support that actually reaches around the world. Founded in Houston, we have additional centers in Atlanta and Colorado Springs, but finding a helpful voice on the phone can happen anywhere at anytime – and it does!

Several have joined the CanCare staff as a result of experiencing cancer – and the organization’s supportive network – personally. We are here to improve the cancer journey for patients and family members alike.


Staff and Volunteers of CanCare work with:

  • Survivors in Treatment:  We connect you with volunteers who can relate because of similar cancer type, treatment, age, gender, or stage of life.

  • Families: We recognize that the loved ones of cancer patients need just as much support, so we connect caregivers with caregivers.

  • Faith Communities:  Sharing in education and ministry.

  • Hospitals and Cancer Treatment Centers

  • Corporations: Helping employers support their employees and their coworkers and families.

In addition, CanCare provides:

  • Hospital visitations: CanCare representatives volunteer in hospitals to minister to cancer patients and their families in person an average of 15,000 times per year.

  • Continuing Education:  Hundreds of volunteers gather every year for training.

  • Educational and Supportive Resource Information

  • Community education:  Fairs, Lunch-and-Learns, and public speaking.

One of the gifts that comes with being a cancer survivor is using what I have learned to help others.

– Larry Latimer 2009